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MOUSECLICK, made in the image of a computer mouse, is your friendly guide to help you navigate this website. In guiding you through the many areas of, MOUSECLICK also serves as your guide to safe surfing and understanding the dark side of the Internet. Since Internet dangers are only a mouseclick away from kids online, MOUSECLICK will help parents, teachers, librarians, legislators and other child caregivers better understand the lures and traps of those who seek to exploit children online. Public awareness and education is the first step toward empowering parents and others to implement the necessary measures to ensure kids enjoy a safe and rewarding Internet experience.

Additionally, MOUSECLICK can be used as a tool by parents to guide their children throughout the maze to safety information, resources, big cheese sites and the other areas parents deem appropriate in their efforts to educate children about the importance of online safety. A trip with MOUSECLICK to the Child Safety Section will also help kids and teens learn how to better protect themselves online.

As you follow MOUSECLICK throughout the more than 80 pages of, you will notice that when guiding you to safety information, his nose turns green. When MOUSECLICK points out dangers and harms, his alert posture is signified by a red nose.

The website is the online outreach of Project MOUSECLICK. Project MOUSECLICK is a national Internet safety campaign spearheaded by Donna Rice Hughes. Project MOUSECLICK is a public service offered by DRH Enterprises, LLC.

Detailed Maze Directory- Follow MOUSECLICK through the maze to find all you need to know about Internet safety.


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