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  • Donna not only understands the dangers of the Internet for children, but has a firm grasp on the spiritual, psychological, and emotional issues that can affect our children who are negatively exposed.
    Rev. Craig Scott

    Pastor, St. Rita Catholic Church, Alexandria, LA

  • Donna is an informed, connected and passionate leader. She stays very current with the technological as well as social aspects of the misuse of the Internet and how it impacts all segments of society. I highly recommend her for any type of audience. Her message needs to be heard.

    - Jo Anne Lyon, Executive Director, World Hope International

  • "In[our] report, 'Children and Internet', we would like to introduce your activities and resources as a good case study so that we Japanese parents,educators, community leaders, ISPs and media can learn from them and encourage and empower ourselves."

    - Fumiko Inomata and Yasunao Seki, Japanese Ministry of Education Delegates

  • "She is tireless in her dedication to the cause of protecting children on-line and is an extremely effective public policy expert."

    - Tim Robertson, CEO,

  • "By continuing to speak out and partner with the rest of the Internet community to address the needs of children, Donna is helping all of us build a medium we can be proud of."

    -Steve Case, Chairman and CEO, America Online, Inc.

  • "Donna Rice Hughes challenges parents to take charge of their children's Internet use and 'bridge the technogeneration gap.' "

    -Ernie Allen, President, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

  • "Donna Rice Hughes has been on the forefront of the battle to make the Internet safe for our children."

    - Former Senator Dan Coats

  • "You are America's foremost leader on this important family issue and your involvement could make a great deal of difference."

    - Jim Kessler , Vice President for Policy, Third Way


  • "Donna's book is a powerful tool for parents who want to keep kids safe..."

    - Leeza Gibbons

  • "The most comprehensive, informative, and 'user-friendly' source available today. It will help parents to better understand the computer and the Internet, to be aware of what their children are learning and experiencing, and to know how to protect them as they learn. This book is a MUST for today's caring parents!"

    - Dee Jepsen, Enough is Enough

  • "This book sets itself apart from the rest by being honest and realistic about the dangers out there in the Wild Wild Web, but gives us parents the know-how to protect our children… Every parent of a net surfing child should get, read, and follow this book."

    - Bruce A. Taylor, President and Chief Counsel, National Law Center for Children and Families

  • "Both educational and practical in addressing the benefits and dangers of the World Wide Web… Simple, direct, and incisive… Provides parents with tools to make the Internet a safer environment for our children to operate and learn in."

    - Charlie Condon, Attorney General, South Carolina

  • "As parents, we have a responsibility to monitor our children's use of the Internet. Ms. Hughes has presented us with a resource to …ensure that our children's experience using the Internet is a safe one."

    - Senator John McCain, Chairman, U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

  • "In understandable language the author has written, 'The Book' on the high and low roads of the Internet. It is must reading for cyberspace parents."

    - Former Senator James Exon

  • "For any parent, Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace is a must read book."

    - Former Congressman Tom Davis

  • "I believe Kids Online will prove to be an excellent resource for parents."

    - Former Congressman Bob Franks, Co-Chairman of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus


  • "On behalf of the Department of Justice, please accept my sincere thanks for your presentation at the Federal Prosecutors' Symposium on Obscenity at the National Advocacy Center on June 6, 2002. Based on the course evalutations we received, it is clear that your captivating presentation was a highlight for the attendees. Your tremendous effort is all the more impressive knowing that, given your schedule and commitments, it was rendered at great personal and professional sacrifice. We are deeply gatreful to have been the beneficiary of your exceptional talent, and your passionate interests in the protection of children and the elimination of obscenity."

    Andrew Oosterbaan, Chief, Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice

  • "Donna Rice Hughes is an exceptional speaker and a renowned expert on a subject many people are not willing to talk about - fighting pornography. She handles a very difficult subject with class and courage. Her presentation at our national convention equipped the audience with confidence that they can protect their families and make a difference in their communities."

    - Wendy Wright, Concerned Women for America,
    Washington, D.C.

  • "Thank you so much for your helpful presentation... My task at work is to write Internet safety material to help educate children/parents/teachers/law enforcement... After attending the conference I am now really fired up to create the best possible material that will help keep children safe on the Internet. Although I thought I knew all the dangers, I learned a great deal more..."

    - Caroline Barnes, National Crime Prevention Council

  • "Donna displays a comfortableness with her subject matter which engages her audience, all the while slipping in facts and statistics reinforcing the basis of her message."

    - Ellen Field, Safe Community Coalition, McLean, VA

  • "Everyone I talked to was very much moved by Donna's presentation… Though the topic is a squeamish one, Donna addressed it in a professional way and brought the message home…"

    - Gregory Breland, University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT

  • "Ms. Donna Rice Hughes is a powerful and persuasive advocate for children's on-line protection issues. In a conference full of nationally recognized experts in the field of computer security, Ms. Hughes served as a catalyst for discussion and provided compelling evidence and insights on a disturbing problem of international proportions. She is well-versed in both the political and intellectual issues surrounding child online protection and offers an eloquent and incisive rationale for the defense of our youth."

    - John E. Cech, Dean of Rocky Mountain College, Billings, MT

  • Donna Rice Hughes's presentation…was most interesting and useful… The talk encouraged me as a librarian to make sure that our policies were known and understood by all patrons and to be a bit more vigilant in cleaning the computers on a regular basis to protect from inadvertent forays into unacceptable sites."

    - Jan Jelinek, Librarian at Rocky Mountain College, Billings, MT

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