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Safety Tips For Kids

  • I won't give out my name, age, address, school, phone number, picture about myself or anyone else without my parent's permission. This includes chat rooms, instant messages, email, surfing the net and even entering contests or registering for clubs online.

  • I won't send my picture to anyone online without my parent's permission.

  • I won't meet with someone in person that I met on the Internet unless my parent has agreed and will go with me. I realize that people aren't always who they say they are and that an adult can pretend to be a kid online.

  • If I receive or see something online that seems bad or weird, I won't respond and will log off and tell my parents right away.

  • I will not open or accept e-mails, enclosures, links, URL's or other things online from people I don't know.

  • I won't give out my password to anyone except my parents… not even my friends.

  • I will follow my family's rules for online safety at home, at school, at the library or at a friend or relative's house.

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