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Top 10 Things to Teach Your Children
to Keep Them Safe Online

by Donna Rice Hughes

  1. Never give out personal information (such as name, age, address, phone number, school, town, password, schedule) or fill out questionnaires or any forms online.

  2. Never meet in person with anyone you have met online.

  3. Do not enter chat rooms.

  4. Do not tell anyone online where you will be or what you will be doing without Mom and/or Dad's permission.

  5. Never respond to or send e-mail to new people you meet online. Talk to your parents first so that they can check it out.

  6. Be careful not to go into a new online area that is going to cost additional money without first getting Mom and/or Dad's permission.

  7. Never send, without Mom and/or Dad's permission, a picture over the Internet or via regular mail to anyone you've met on the Internet.

  8. Don't buy or order products online or give out any credit card information online without Mom and/or Dad's permission.

  9. Never respond to any email or chat conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable. End such an experience by logging off and telling Mom and/or Dad as soon as possible.

  10. Always tell Mom and/or Dad about something you saw, intentionally or unintentionally, that is upsetting.


© 2001 by Donna Rice Hughes. Request permission if you wish to reprint or post.