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Warning Signs

by Donna Rice Hughes


Here are a few warnings signs that your child may have a problem with pornography on the Internet.

  • Your child is hiding disks.

  • Your child spends an inordinate amount of time on the Internet or is online late into the night.

  • Your child uses computer files that end in .gif or .jpg. These are picture files that may contain the latest Hubble telescope photos or pornographic material.

  • You discover unusual charges on your credit card statements. Be especially suspicious of phone charges that identify themselves as "Web Site." Many pornographers don't provide their names to avoid raising parental concern.

  • Your child quickly changes the computer screen when you enter the room.

  • You notice changes in your child's behavior (mention of adults you don't know, secretiveness, inappropriate sexual knowledge, sleeping problems, etc.).


© 2001 by Donna Rice Hughes. Request permission if you wish to reprint or post.